The Kairos Course 10.-25.2.2023

The Kairos Course will be held at Lahti Pentecostal church in February (10-12.2/15.2/17-19.2/24-25.2). The Kairos Course is inspiring and encourages us to live a missional life.  

The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course on world Christian mission, designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation. 

The Kairos Course utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including group discussions, short lecture introduction, devotions, video teaching and student participation in specially designed activities. 

Kairos looks at the four main areas of mission concern which are the Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural dimensions of mission  

KAIROS is a nine-session course that covers four major areas:

  • Biblical – We discover that mission lies at the centre of God’s concern and that an overriding theme throughout the whole Bible is God blessing His people to be a blessing to all people groups.
  • Historical – God’s mission purpose can be seen throughout history. We gain much from studying the past successes and failures of the church in the area of mission expansion.
  • Strategic – We learn about strategy and key mission strategies that bear fruit in reaching unreached people groups in today’s world. Every believer and church has a significant role to play.
  • Cultural – Mission involves crossing cultures. We learn what culture is and see what it takes to communicate and make disciples in a culture different from our own.

The course will take place in February 2023 as follows:

  • Friday 10.2. 18:00–20:30 (evening snack)
  • Sat 11.2. 14:00–16:30 (tea & coffee)
  • Sun 12.2. 14:00–16:30 (tea & coffee)
  • Wed 15.2. 18:00–20:30 (Zoom)
  • Friday 17.2. 18:00–20:30 (evening snack)
  • Sat 18.2. 14:00–18:00 (tea & coffee)
  • Sun 19.2. 13:00 – 17:30 (lunch and coffee) 
  • Friday 24.2. 18:00–20:00 (evening snack)
  • Sat 25.2. 14:00–18:15 (tea & coffee)

Kairos course cost 60 euros (including material, snacks and lunch)!

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- The Kairos Course 
- The Kairos video
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